Affinity Twist

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Affinity Twist (Japanese: 相性反転) is an ability added in Shard of Dreams that is exclusive to Extra Seija. Both parties super effective and resisted elements are reversed.

Note: This ability was recently found to have another potentially scary effect, it also has an effect on type immunities, making them receive neutral (1x) damage from types they would previously have no effect on them, such as Void > Illusion, and Poison > Steel. It luckily has no effect on Immunity Abilities, such as In Sync, and Appeased Spirit.

ID Name Type 1 Type 2 HP Fo.Atk Fo.Def Sp.Atk Sp.Def Spd BST Cost Ability 1 Ability 2
463 Extra Seija Warped Nether 75 75 90 55 90 115 500 100 Usurpation Affinity Twist