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Bibliophilia (Japanese: ビブロフィリア) is an ability added in Shard of Dreams that is exclusive to Extra Kosuzu. When EKosuzu is holding a Youma Scroll, a certain stat is doubled her typing changes and she gains a new ability. This is what happens as follow:

Item Name Type Ability 2x Stat
Youma Scroll: Red Fire Imposing Stance Focus Attack
Youma Scroll: Blue Water Known Limits Focus Defense
Youma Scroll: Black Dark Unbound Spread Attack
Youma Scroll: White Light Wariness Spread Defense
ID Name Type 1 Type 2 HP Fo.Atk Fo.Def Sp.Atk Sp.Def Spd BST Cost Ability 1 Ability 2
435 Extra Kosuzu Void None 90 50 50 50 50 90 380 80 Bibliophilia None