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This is a category for fanmade mods of the game. They can include, but are not limited to, adding new puppets, new areas, new music, or even just sprite reworks for existing puppets or other assets like menus. If it mods the game in some way, you could say it belongs in here. For an organized list of mod projects, as well as their developers, current release builds, and the sort, please consult this page.

  • You may ask one of the wiki editors to make you a page to record your mods info, or if you know how to make them yourself, you are welcome to, as long as you follow the setup process properly (see Derx's Mod page for an example of the process). If you have any questions, contact one of the wiki editors on the Discord Server in the #wiki-discussion channel.
  • Things you may include on your page, are a way to contact you for feedback/suggestions, a link to your mod download, as well as a pastebin with all the details for your mod.
  • If your think your mod is potentially nsfw, or otherwise violates the rules of the discord server, please contact Derxwna Kapsyla directly on Discord, or through their other contacts, and ask for permission before adding it. (Note for wiki editors: It has to be Derx who confirms this inquiry, you do not have authority to verify yourself.)

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