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The Dream Type is one of the 17 Puppet-types of Touhou Puppet Dance Performance, that was originally only a skill type in base TPDP, that became a Puppet type in Shard of Dreams.
In battle, it functions similarly to Pokemon's "Typeless" type. Moves with this type can bypass Frail Health, and Puppets with this type are immune to the Stopped status. The move type always deal's neutral damage to any combination of types, including other Dream type puppets, while the Puppet type always receives neutral damage from opposing puppets attacks, and is unable to receive super effective or resisted damage, unless it has a secondary typing along with the Dream typing.

Battle Properties

Offensive and Defensive interactions with this type are always Neutral (1x).

Puppets with this Type

Note: No Puppets had this type in Base TPDP.

ID Name Type 1 Type 2 HP Fo.Atk Fo.Def Sp.Atk Sp.Def Spd BST Cost Ability 1 Ability 2
123 Extra Shinki Dream None 105 70 120 110 75 120 600 120 Surprise Tactics Projection
211 Extra Rinnosuke Dream Warped 80 120 90 40 90 40 460 80 Yata no Kagami None
475 Extra Sumireko Dream None 80 60 80 120 80 80 500 100 Disjointed Blow Sixth Sense
484 Normal Doremy Dream None 40 60 40 60 40 70 310 100 Spirit of Yang Spirit of Yin
487 Extra Doremy Dream None 75 110 75 65 75 115 515 100 Dream World Vision Bonus

Note: Background color of cell matches to the color of their style.
Shinki Icon.png Rinnosuke Icon.png Sumireko Icon.png Doremy Icon.png Doremy Icon.png

Dream-type Skills

Skills are identical in Base TPDP, aside from not having classes, and Struggle only having 50 BP

Name Japanese Name Type Category Class Power Accuracy Max SP Priority Description
Struggle やぶれかぶれ Dream Focus BU 51 -- N/A 0 The user takes recoil damage equal to 1/3 of its max HP. Only used when a Puppet has no SP left for any of its skills.
Yin Energy 陰の気力 Dream Focus EN 55 100% 35 0 A normal attack.
Yang Energy 陽の気力 Dream Spread EN 55 100% 35 0 A normal attack.