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Overworld Theme Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess
Wild Battle Theme There are no wild encounters on this map.
Map Connections Outside: Bamboo Forest of the Lost

Eientei, located within the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, is where Eirin Yagokoro and various other Lunarians are located. It is here that the player will receive the Woodcutter Doll, which will allow them to progress through the rest of the game.


Name Japanese Name Location
Myouren Tea 命蓮茶 Top right corner of the main hallways, near the pots
Chirei Bun 地霊饅頭 Top right corner of the main hallways, near the pots
Flourite 蛍石 Inside the right-most sideroom in the main hallways
Myouren Tea 命蓮茶 Inside the plant at the top of the main hallways
Chirei Bun 地霊饅頭 Inside the top-most sideroom in the main hallways
Woodcutter Doll 木こり人形 Obtained from Eirin after beating Mokou


Trainer Puppets
Moon Rabbit - Reisen
月のウサギ 鈴仙
Normal Tewi (Lv.20), Normal Udonge (Lv.22)
Hourai Individual - Mokou
蓬莱人の 妹紅
Normal Keine (Lv.27), Normal Futo (Lv.26), Normal Mokou (Lv.30)