Hakurei Shrine

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Hakurei Shrine
Hakurei Shrine (Gensokyo).png
Overworld Theme Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path
Wild Battle Theme No wild battles exist on this map
Map Connections North: Hakurei Mountain
South: Route 1
The Abandoned Hakurei Shrine of the Outside World
The Hakurei Shrine is located in eastern Gensokyo, and it is where the player starts their journey off. It connects to Route 1 in the South and Hakurei Mountain in the north. When the player starts their game, they are initially in the Hakurei Shrine of the outside world. That version of the Hakurei Shrine is where the player selects their favorite Touhou Project character, which determines the starter they get. The player must also talk to every NPC in the outside world shrine before being able to progress the game.


For the location, please cross-reference the Events map below.

Name Japanese Name Location
Hakurei Shinshu 博麗の神酒 Outside - Item 1
Dog Flute 戌笛 Outside - Item 2; Only obtainable in Postgame
Fuji Rice Cookie 藤原煎餅 Inside - Item 1
Fuji Rice Cookie 藤原煎餅 Inside - Item 2
Blinding Orb 目潰し玉 Inside Item 4


Trainer Puppets
Ordinary Magician - Marisa
普通の魔法使い 魔理沙
Normal Marisa (Lv.5)
Shrine Maiden of Gensokyo - Reimu*
幻想郷の巫女 霊夢
Power Aya (Lv.80) Power Suika (Lv.80) Power Kasen (Lv.82)
Defense Yukari (Lv.82) Power Reimu (Lv.84)
Decendant of the Inchlings - Shinmyoumaru*
小人の末裔 針妙丸
Power Suika (Lv.82) Power Kaguya (Lv.82) Power Tenshi (Lv.82)
Speed Seija (Lv.82) Defense Sukuna (Lv.84)
Trainers marked with an asterisk (*) are Postgame only trainers.


Version Outside Outside - Events Inside Inside - Events
TPDP v1.34
HShrine Events.png
Shard of Dreams


  • The theme that plays the outside world Hakurei Shrine is Unknown Flower, Mesmerizing Journey.
  • The person you select your favorite Touhou character from is presumed to be the developer of the Touhou Project series, ZUN.