Human Village

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Human Village
Overworld Theme Shinkirou Orchestra
Wild Battle Theme Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect
Map Connections East: Route 1
South: Route 3
West: Route 5

The Human Village is located in roughly central Gensokyo, and is the hub players will find themselves coming back to very often for a multitude of purposes, especially as it connects to three different locations. Of note in the Village, there is the Kirisame General Store, which sells various items for trainers use, such as hold items and sealing threads. After a certain point in the game another shop, the Tailor, opens up, and in there you can change the costume your Puppet has for a small fee.


Name Japanese Name Location
Seal Thread 封印の糸 Pot right of the stairs leading to Hieda Mansion.
Seal Thread 封印の糸 Within the farm, off to the far left side.
Fuji Rice Cookie 藤原煎餅 Flower Field on the south side of the village, close to the western exit.
Fuji Rice Cookie 藤原煎餅 Pot to the left of Suzunaan.
Myouren Tea 命蓮茶 Pot south of the Tailor's shop.
Skill Card 78 - Continue スキルカード78 Obtained from Keine after clearing the events at Eientei.

Rest House

Name Japanese Name Location
Fuji Rice Cookie 藤原煎餅 Sweets seller behind the counter.
Rice Dumpling 白玉団子 Sweets seller behind the counter.
Chirei Bun 地霊饅頭 Sweets seller behind the counter.
Myouren Tea 命蓮茶 Sweets seller behind the counter.

Kirisame General Store

Name Japanese Name Location
Diamond Hairpin 白色の髪飾り Seller behind the counter.
Ruby Hairpin 緋色の髪飾り Seller behind the counter.
Sapphire Hairpin 瑠璃色の髪飾り Seller behind the counter.
Emerald Hairpin 草色の髪飾り Seller behind the counter.
Quartz Hairpin 黄土色の髪飾り Seller behind the counter.
Hematite Hairpin 鋼色の髪飾り Seller behind the counter.
Jade Hairpin 翡翠色の髪飾り Seller behind the counter.
Topaz Hairpin 黄色の髪飾り Seller behind the counter.
Opal Hairpin 虹色の髪飾り Seller behind the counter.
Obsidian Hairpin 黒色の髪飾り Seller behind the counter.
Sugilite Hairpin 紫黒色の髪飾り Seller behind the counter.
Amethyst Hairpin 青紫色の髪飾り Seller behind the counter.
Amber Hairpin 琥珀色の髪飾り Seller behind the counter.
Clear Hairpin 牡丹色の髪飾り Seller behind the counter.
Onyx Hairpin 縞模様の髪飾り Seller behind the counter.
Seal Thread 封印の糸 Seller behind the counter.


Puppet Aprox. Level Encounter Ratio
Normal Keine Lv.6 30.00%
Normal Sekibanki Lv.6 30.00%
Normal Akyuu Lv.6 16.67%
Normal Kosuzu Lv.6 16.67%
Normal Kokoro Lv.6 6.67%


Trainer Puppets
Puppet Liberation Front - Cirno
人形解放戦線の チルノ
Normal Rumia (Lv.9), Normal Cirno (Lv.10)
Puppet Liberation Front - Daiyousei
人形解放戦線の 大妖精
Normal Cirno (Lv.9), Normal Daiyousei (Lv.10)
Puppet Liberation Front - Wriggle
人形解放戦線の リグル
Normal Daiyousei (Lv.9), Normal Wriggle (Lv.10)
Puppet Liberation Front - Mystia
人形解放戦線の ミスティア
Normal Wriggle (Lv.9), Normal Mystia (Lv.10)
Puppet Liberation Front - Rumia
人形解放戦線の ルーミア
Normal Cirno (Lv.10), Normal Daiyousei (Lv.10), Normal Wriggle (Lv.10),
Normal Mystia (Lv.10), Normal Rumia (Lv.13),