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Author of Mod: Barudo

Japanese Version included in the download! 日本語版付属!

If any questions arise, please direct them to the TPDP Discord! Check #sod-extended! Alternatively, contact @nukekip on Twitter!


The mod, Shard of Dreams - Extended -, is a project that adds all the Touhou characters with new locations to the expansion of Touhou Puppet Dance Performance, Shard of Dreams. Originally a concept made by Hanabi, then picked up by Barudo, who brought it to the state it is in today with a small team.


  • Adds all characters from Touhou 15.5, 16, 17, 17.5, 18 and Lotus Eaters to the game! All of those are usable online as well!
  • Adds alternate outfits for already existing puppets that replace alt palettes!
  • Adds new areas to the game!
  • Adds new music tracks to the game!
  • Adds new moves to the game!
  • Adds new abilities to the game!
  • A fresh story experience with a short new segment added in and new NPCs!



To take up less space and act as a spoiler warning





New Puppets

Link to Mod Puppetdex, showing types stats and abilities.

Spoilers ahead, only click other tabs if you don't mind spoilers.

Touhou Hyouibana ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers

Shard of Dreams - Extended - Yorigami.gif

Touhou Tenkuushou ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons

Eternity Nemuno Aunn Narumi Teireida Satono Okina
Shard of Dreams - Extended - Eternity.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Nemuno.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Aunn.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Narumi.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Teireida.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Satono.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Okina.gif

Touhou Kikeijuu ~ Wily Beast and Weakest Creature

Eika Urumi Kutaka Yachie Mayumi Keiki Saki
Shard of Dreams - Extended - Eika.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Urumi.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Kutaka.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Yachie.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Mayumi.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Keiki.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Saki.gif

Touhou Gouyoku Ibun~ Suibotsushita Chinshuu Jigoku

Shard of Dreams - Extended - Yuuma.gif

Touhou Kouryuudou~ Unconnected Marketeers

Mike Takane Sannyo Misumaru Tsukasa Megumu Chimata Momoyo
Shard of Dreams - Extended - Mike.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Takane.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Sannyo.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Misumaru.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Tsukasa.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Megumu.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Chimata.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Momoyo.gif

Touhou Suichouka ~ Drunkening and Sobering of Lotus-Eaters

Shard of Dreams - Extended - Miyoi.gif

New Puppet Costumes

Spoilers ahead, only click other tab if you don't mind spoilers.

Shard of Dreams - Extended - Kasen 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Yuuka 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Shinki 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Yuyuko 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Mima 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Cirno 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Miko 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Utsuho 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Reimu 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Marisa 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Murasa 1.gif
Shard of Dreams - Extended - Ellen 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Yumeko 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Yumemi 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Benben 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Komachi 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Yukari 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Flandre 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Remilia 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Maribel 1.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Kogasa 1.gif

Click here to see the Puppet dex of this mod



==== V3.4.1 (Newest, January 1st, 2022 ====
  • Added Yuuma Toutetsu
  • Various balance changes
  • Wedding dresses for Takane, Okina and Mayumi (Thanks to Everii!)
  • New Murasa alt outfit
  • Various glitch fixes
  • No more normal mode support
  • A setup file has been included, no more patching headache!!


Google Drive:



Includes all graphic resources free for use. Please do credit the respective artists listed in the Credits file. You may NOT use these for profit though.

+++ CREDITS +++


Q: My Windows Defender flagged Sod-Extended-EN as a virus! What do I do?!

A: First of all, there is no virus. It seems like this only happens with the EN exe too but whitelisting the whole folder should fix the issue.

Q: Can I play online with this mod?

A: Yes you can! If you want to play with the new puppets, both you and your opponent need to have the mod installed though.

Q: Can I play with people who do not have the mod installed?

A: Yes, that also is possible. Just make sure you do not use any of the new puppets or items, since those will not get displayed for your opponent and will result in a disconnect. You can still use the new alt outfits just fine.

Q: Do I patch this over an unmodded game?

A: Yes, either an unmodded game or an older version of Extended will work just fine. If you want to use the translation patch is up to you too, there is support for both the JP and EN version!

Q: Help, the installation patch didn't work!

A: For problems with the installation process write a message in this channel or the #tpdp-modding channel! There you will get help catered to you.

Q: I have seen a screenshot with Meeko, Makura, Mitori and Fuma, are they in the game too?!

A: There is a separate mod for that:

Q: Can I use my current save?

A: Yes. However, I still suggest everyone to start a NG+ run or just start a fresh save for a fresh story experience.

Q: What's the difference between Challenge and Normal mode?

A: Challenge mode has enemy trainers with stronger movesets and slightly different teams in the main story and postgame campaign. However, all endgame content remains unchanged across both versions and the Human Village Tournament also stays the same for both versions.

Q: Can I freely switch between Normal and Challenge mode?

A: Yes, you can freely change between the two modes. Just patch over the game again. No need to worry about your save or anything.

Q: Where can I find X puppet?!

A: Check the wiki!

Q: How often will updates happen?

A: I can not say anything about this. I do not know if I will keep working on this anymore. If anything, I'd release bugfixes or a wedding dress update one day, but don't count too much on me continuing with more new characters.


Old Versions

==== V3.3 ====
  • New outfits!
  • Puppets up to Touhou 18!
  • New areas!
  • Fresh story experience!
  • New music!
  • A Japanese Patch made by @chiteijin_ and @HakanaiBlue
  • Now it is possible to access certain new areas even without starting a new save!

+++ DOWNLOAD +++

Mediafire Link:

Google Drive Link

Both downloads are the same. Pick whichever download page you prefer. Includes a "How to patch" txt file, a new Launcher.exe and a "Normal" and "Challenge" mode. Just extract all of it into your Shard of Dreams folder and then patch your game with the mode you prefer. You can always repatch it with the other mode as you please. 「パッチガイド」と独自のexeファイルが含まれています。

Disclaimer: It is HIGHLY recommended you start a new save file or NG+ run! Enjoy all the new content!




  • Overworld sprites for everyone!
  • New outfits
  • Balance patch, check the pastebin link below for a detailed changelog


  • All new overworld sprites have been removed to prevent a bug that causes battle sprites to go missing from happening


  • Touhou 16 Puppets and Miyoi have been added
  • V1.3 Puppets are now illegal, the puppets need to be re-captured
  • Animations have been improved
  • Alternate outfits for Kasen (Horned Kasen) and Yuuka (Pants Yuuka) have been added
  • Encounter rates have been adjusted
  • Changes to movesets, look below for what has changed


  • Animations have been improved
  • Human Village encounter table fixed


  • Overworld sprites have been added for all the puppets (Thanks to Hanabi!)
  • Yorigami alt outfit added (Solo Joon by Hanabi)
  • Alt Palettes for all the puppets have been added (Thanks to Hanabi!)
  • Fixed Starter select, names now show properly

Old Version Downloads Location

(V2.2, 08/14/2020) (V2.1, 07/26/2020)
(v2, 07/26/2020)
(v1.3, 07/19/2020)
(v1.2, 07/16/2020)
(v1.1, 07/15/2020):

How to Patch You only need the file. The process is self-explanatory but if you run into any problems, you can ask for solutions in here (TPDP Discord)

Notes (Important)

Unlike the past patches it is NOT needed to patch V2.2 over an unmodified SoD game. You can just patch this over V2.1 if you had that version before. Just make sure to extract the contents of the .zip file into your game folder!




Current balance patch changes can be found here:

For older patches, check this pastebin: (Outdated)