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(Work in Progress, please wait warmly)
Author of Mod: Barudo


The mod, Shard of Dreams - Extended -, is a project by the TPDP community to keep the game fresh and interesting for both story players and online battlers alike. It is a community effort that everyone, even you, can participate in. It will receive balance updates and patches with new content every now and then so make sure to check the TPDP Discord for updates.


  • Adds all characters from Touhou 15.5, 16, 17 and Lotus Eaters to the game. It will receive updates when new characters are revealed by ZUN so keep checking for updates on the mod! All of those are usable online as well!
  • Adds alternate outfits for already existing puppets that replace alt palettes. As of now there aren't many, but it will be updated with more.

Planned Features

  • New areas like the Probability Space Hypervessel, Land of the Backdoor and Animal Realm.
  • A more challenging story mode where the bosses (For example, Yuuka) use stronger versions of themselves in battle. Those puppets will be unavailable to the player and will use the outfits mentioned earlier.
  • More music
  • At some point fan or "obscure" characters might make it in the game too. Such as Rin Satsuki, Layla, Meeko, Konpaku Youki, Miku, etc. However when or even IF they will make it in depends on what the community wants.

New Puppets

Link to Mod Puppetdex, showing types stats and abilities

Spoilers ahead, only click other tabs if you don't mind spoilers.

Touhou Hyouibana ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers

Shard of Dreams - Extended - Yorigami.gif

Touhou Tenkuushou ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons

Eternity Nemuno Aunn Narumi Teireida Satono Okina
Shard of Dreams - Extended - Eternity.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Nemuno.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Aunn.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Narumi.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Teireida.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Satono.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Okina.gif

Touhou Kikeijuu ~ Wily Beast and Weakest Creature

Eika Urumi Kutaka Yachie Mayumi Keiki Saki
Shard of Dreams - Extended - Eika.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Urumi.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Kutaka.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Yachie.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Mayumi.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Keiki.gif Shard of Dreams - Extended - Saki.gif

Touhou Suichouka ~ Drunkening and Sobering of Lotus-Eaters

Shard of Dreams - Extended - Miyoi.gif

New Puppet Costumes

Spoilers ahead, only click other tab if you don't mind spoilers.

  • Some may be used in future for boss puppets inaccessible to players.
Shard of Dreams - Extended - Kasen.gifShard of Dreams - Extended - Yuuka.gifShard of Dreams - Extended - Shinki.gifShard of Dreams - Extended - Yuyuko.gifShard of Dreams - Extended - Mima.gifShard of Dreams - Extended - Cirno.gifShard of Dreams - Extended - Miko.gif

Click here to see the Puppet dex of this mod

Change Log

V2.2 (Current)

  • Overworld sprites for everyone!
  • New outfits
  • Balance patch, check the pastebin link below for a detailed changelog


  • All new overworld sprites have been removed to prevent a bug that causes battle sprites to go missing from happening


  • Touhou 16 Puppets and Miyoi have been added
  • Stack is no longer available
  • V1.3 Puppets are now illegal, the puppets need to be re-captured
  • Animations have been improved
  • Alternate outfits for Kasen (Horned Kasen) and Yuuka (Pants Yuuka) have been added
  • Encounter rates have been adjusted
  • Changes to movesets, look below for what has changed


  • Animations have been improved
  • Human Village encounter table fixed


  • Overworld sprites have been added for all the puppets (Thanks to Hanabi!)
  • Yorigami alt outfit added (Solo Joon by Hanabi)
  • Alt Palettes for all the puppets have been added (Thanks to Hanabi!)
  • Fixed Starter select, names now show properly

Download Location

(V2.2, NEWEST, 08/14/2020) (Please make sure to use the newest version of the patcher!)

^ Please extract the contents of the .zip file into the folder where the SoD .exe file is located in!

(V2.1, 07/26/2020)
(v2, 07/26/2020)
(v1.3, 07/19/2020)
(v1.2, 07/16/2020)
(v1.1, 07/15/2020):

How to Patch You only need the file. The process is self-explanatory but if you run into any problems, you can ask for solutions in here (TPDP Discord)

Notes (Important)

Unlike the past patches it is NOT needed to patch V2.2 over an unmodified SoD game. You can just patch this over V2.1 if you had that version before. Just make sure to extract the contents of the .zip file into your game folder!



For all details and everything, click here