Route 1

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Route 1
Route 1.png
Overworld Theme Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry
Wild Battle Theme Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect
Map Connections Northeast: Hakurei Shrine
West: Human Village
North: Route 2

Route 1 is located in eastern Gensokyo, and it connects both the Hakurei Shrine and the Human Village, as well as having a connection up to Route 2. There is also a rest stop along the way where the player can heal their Puppets and purchase items.


Name Japanese Name Location
Fuji Rice Cookie 藤原煎餅 To the east of the rest stop, in a small clearing surrounded by trees and grass.
Fuji Rice Cookie 藤原煎餅 In the pot left of the rest stop.
Seal Thread 封印の糸 In the grass to the left of the rest stop, south of the bridge.
Fuji Rice Cookie 藤原煎餅 On a shrub to the right of a "Useful Information" sign, left of the bridge closest to the Human Village.
Bandaid 包帯 West of the rest stop (Requires the Boat).
Skill Card 62 - Ultra High Tone スキルカード62 Heading east from the east exit of Human Village, go south at the first instance of water and follow it along south. (Requires the Boat).

Rest House

Name Japanese Name Location
Rosary Beads 数珠 Peddler on the left side of the rest house.
Seal Thread 封印の糸 Peddler on the left side of the rest house.
Fuji Rice Cookie 藤原煎餅 Sweets seller behind the counter.
Rice Dumpling 白玉団子 Sweets seller behind the counter.
Chirei Bun 地霊饅頭 Sweets seller behind the counter.
Myouren Tea 命蓮茶 Sweets seller behind the counter.


Puppet Aprox. Level Encounter Ratio
Normal Daiyousei Lv.3 31.67%
Normal Nazrin Lv.3 31.67%
Normal Chen Lv.3 31.67%
Normal Sukuna Lv.3 5%


Trainer Puppets
Novice Puppeteer Yuuichi
新米人形遣いの コウイチ
Normal Nazrin (Lv.4)
Novice Puppeteer Sachie
新米人形遣いの サチエ
Normal Lily] (Lv.4)
Rascal Osamu
ワルガキの オサム
Normal Chen (Lv.5), Normal Chen (Lv.5)
Farmer Motoyuki
農夫の モトユキ
Normal Shizuha (Lv.6), Normal Minoriko (Lv.6)