Route 3

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Route 3
Route 3.png
Overworld Theme Lunate Elf
Wild Battle Theme Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect
Map Connections North: Human Village
East: Myouren Temple
South: Route 4

Route 3 is located in central Gensokyo, and aside from connecting to the Human Village and Myouren Temple, it has nothing of real significance on it, and serves only to connect to those two locations, as well as Route 4 which ultimately leads to the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.


Name Japanese Name Location
Rice Dumpling 白玉団子 To the right of the small shrine.
Moriya Shinshu 博麗の神酒 Barrel next to the house.
Clarity Charm 収拾の符 To the west of the entrance to Route 4.
Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder (Requires the Boat).


Puppet Aprox. Level Encounter Ratio
Normal Kyouko Lv.15 28.33%
Normal Kotohime Lv.15 26.67%
Normal Benben Lv.15 20.00%
Normal Yatsuhashi Lv.15 20.00%
Normal Nue Lv.15 5.00%


Trainer Puppets
Youkai Tsutsuji
妖怪の ツツジ
Normal Kokoro (Lv.17)
Novice Puppeteer Hiroki
新米人形遣いの ヒロキ
Normal Keine] (Lv.17)
Tomboy Azumi
おてんば アヅミ
Normal Benben (Lv.14), Normal Yatsuhashi (Lv.14), Normal Kyouko (Lv.14)
Rascal Taketo
ワルガキの タケト
Normal Mystia (Lv.15), Normal Kyouko (Lv.15)
Youkai Fuyou
妖怪の フヨウ
Normal Chen (Lv.15), Normal Kagerou (Lv.15)
Novice Puppeteer Erika
新米人形遣いの エリカ
Normal Kotohime (Lv.17)