Scarlet Devil Mansion

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Scarlet Devil Mansion
File:Scarlet Devil Mansion
Overworld Theme Septette for the Dead Princess
Wild Battle Theme
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The Scarlet Devil Mansion is a mid-game Dungeon located at the Misty Lake, within western Gensokyo. It is one of the largest individual locations in the entire game, as well as a great number of ways to get lost. The player will come here during the main game to talk to Patchouli about the Puppets. After a certain point, you will be able to talk to Remilia, who functions as this game's Puppet Name Rater. In the postgame, this is a place to come back to often, as it's where the player will learn how Reincarnation works, and is the only place that has a Patchouli doll, which is where the player goes for Reincarnating their Puppets.


Name Japanese Name Location
Chirei Bun 地霊饅頭 Foyer - Item 1
Myouren Tea 命蓮茶 Foyer - Item 2
Reincarnation Items 転生用印セット Great Library - Item 1
Prismatic Candy 七色の飴 Dining Area - Item 1
Moriya Shinshu 守矢の神酒 Dining Area - Item 2
Paste of the Fog 霧の水羊羹 Rooms - Item 1
Relief Charm 安堵の符 Rooms - Item 2
Chirei Bun 地霊饅頭 Rooms - Item 3
Fate Thread 運命の糸 Rooms - Item 4
Ecstasy Set 有頂天セット Rooms - Item 5
Skill Card 66 スキルカード66 Rooms - Item 6
Oath Thread 誓約の糸 Rooms - Item 7
Amber Hairpin 琥珀色の髪飾り Rooms - Item 8
Skill Card 34 スキルカード34 Main Labyrinth - Item 1
Chirei Bun 地霊饅頭 Main Labyrinth - Item 2
Contract Thread 契約の糸 Main Labyrinth - Item 3
Chirei Bun 地霊饅頭 Main Labyrinth - Item 4
Paste of the Fog 霧の水羊羹 Main Labyrinth - Item 5
Oath Thread 誓約の糸 Main Labyrinth - Item 6
Hematite Hairpin 鋼色の髪飾り Main Labyrinth - Item 7
Scimitar Charm 偃月の符 Side Hallways - Item 1
Prismatic Candy 七色の飴 Side Hallways - Item 2
Skill Card 27 スキルカード27 Side Hallways - Item 3


Main Labyrinth

Puppet Level Encounter Ratio
Normal Koakuma Lv.21 - Lv.23 40.00%
Normal Patchouli Lv.21 - Lv.23 26.67%
Normal Sakuya Lv.21 - Lv.23 20.00%
Normal Remilia Lv.21 - Lv.23 10.00%
Normal Flandre Lv.21 - Lv.23 3.33%

Side Hallways

Puppet Level Encounter Ratio
Normal Koakuma Lv.22 - Lv.24 40.00%
Normal Patchouli Lv.22 - Lv.24 26.67%
Normal Sakuya Lv.22 - Lv.24 20.00%
Normal Remilia Lv.22 - Lv.24 10.00%
Normal Flandre Lv.22 - Lv.24 3.33%


Great Library

Trainer Puppets
Normal Tokiko (Lv.22), Normal Daiyousei (Lv.22), Normal Koakuma (Lv.22)

Main Labyrinth

Trainer Puppets
Fairy Maid - Mutsuki
メイド妖精の ムツキ
Normal Sunny (Lv.24), Normal Star (Lv.24)
Fairy Maid - Kisaragi
メイド妖精の キサラギ
Normal Daiyousei (Lv.24), Normal Cirno (Lv.24)
Fairy Maid - Yayoi
メイド妖精の ヤヨイ
Normal Cirno (Lv.26)
Fairy Maid - Uzuki
メイド妖精の ウヅキ
Normal Daiyousei (Lv.26)
Fairy Maid - Satsuki
メイド妖精の サツキ
Normal Cirno (Lv.24), Normal Sunny (Lv.24)
Fairy Maid - Minazuki
メイド妖精の ミナヅキ
Normal Luna (Lv.24), Normal Cirno (Lv.24)
Fairy Maid - Ayaha
メイド妖精の アヤハ
Normal Ruukoto (Lv.26)
Fairy Maid - Febry
メイド妖精の フェブリ
Normal Cirno (Lv.26)
Fairy Maid - Avril
メイド妖精の エイプル
Normal Ruukoto (Lv.26)
Fairy Maid - Matcha
メイド妖精の マーチャ
Normal Star (Lv.24), Normal Daiyousei (Lv.24)
Fairy Maid - Jun
メイド妖精の ジュン
Normal Luna (Lv.24), Normal Lily (Lv.24)
Fairy Maid - Julie
メイド妖精の ジュリー
Normal Star (Lv.26)
Fairy Maid - Gust
メイド妖精の ガスト
Normal Sakuya (Lv.26)
Fairy Maid - Sue
メイド妖精の スー
Normal Lily (Lv.24), Normal Daiyousei (Lv.24)
Fairy Maid - Felt
メイド妖精の フェルト
Normal Sakuya (Lv.27)

Side Hallways

Trainer Puppets
Fairy Maid - Acretia
メイド妖精の アクレシア
Normal Ruukoto (Lv.27)
Fairy Maid - Eme
メイド妖精の エメ
Normal Lily (Lv.25), Normal Cirno (Lv.25)
Fairy Maid - Saya
メイド妖精の サヤ
Normal Sunny (Lv.27)
Fairy Maid - Aria
メイド妖精の アリア
Normal Luna (Lv.25), Normal Ruukoto (Lv.25)
Fairy Maid - Kuroe
メイド妖精の クロエ
Normal Cirno (Lv.27)
Fairy Maid - Felt
メイド妖精の フェルト
Normal Sakuya (Lv.27)
Fairy Maid - Zaza
メイド妖精の ザザ
Normal Lily (Lv.24), Normal Lily (Lv.24), Normal Lily (Lv.24)







  • The player chases Flandre around the map, but cannot actually interact with her. This seems to change in the coming expansion, Yume no Kakera.
  • As of base 1.34, there are a few unreachable areas in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and there are a few items in them that, as a result, cannot be obtained.