Suzuran Field

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Suzuran Field
Overworld Theme The Flower Like The Fantasy
Wild Battle Theme Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect
Map Connections North: Route 6
South: Route 8

A field of flowers known as "Suzuran", also known as "Lily of the Valley". This area is the home to Leader of the Puppet Liberation Front, Medicine Melancholy.

Event Overview

After the Geyser Control Center incident

After tracking her down, the player finds Medicine in a small meadow in Suzuran Field. She asks the player why they bothered to chase after her and begins to explain her ideology. She explains that the Puppet Liberation Front only seeks the best for the puppets out of a sense of love and comradeship on the part of Medicine. She explains that the trend of using puppets as toys or pets for battles objectifies them and ignores their true feelings. Medicine explains its that she knows how they feel form experience that she must liberate them by force if she has to, challenging the player to battle. After losing, a bitter Medicine explains that just like how humans never hold onto dolls forever, they have no intention of holding onto the puppets either. Medicine feels that just like dolls, puppets are merely a trend that will be thrown aside the moment their owners get bored of them. She tells the player that she got all of her advice from Yuuka and in a fit of rage disbands the Front and leaves.

After exiting Puppet Liberation Front's Hideout(Post game)

Feel free to ride around and talk to the various Puppet Liberation Front members, but they provide little help in locating Medicine. You’ll find her by checking the same place you had your climactic showdown in the Southeast. (Recommend saving before going to it) As expected, she seems very, very unhappy to see you. Unwilling to believe that you joined the very Puppet Liberation Front you crushed, she quickly loses her patience and attacks!

After the fight, Medicine still refuses to call you an ally. She is, however, surprised to hear that the Puppet Liberation Front was taken over. The noise from your battle helps a few of the other Puppet Liberation Front members find you, at which point they help clear the air. Cirno mentions that the Inverted Castle was taken over by the fake Puppet Liberation Front, and that they might be using it as their base.

While Medicine still clearly doesn’t like you, she really, really doesn’t like her organization being co-opted by others. She officially restarts the Puppet Liberation Front and vows to leave the fakers black and blue.

Cirno says that the Shining Needle Castle is floating near Youkai Mountain (specifically on the Eastern side). Medicine orders you to help before leaving with the others.


Level Range: (39~41)
Stray Puppet Encounters
Normal Medicine Normal Aya Normal Udonge
Medicine.gif Aya.gif Udonge.gif
Poison Nature Wind Illusion
20.00% 6.67% 6.67%
Normal Eirin Normal Mystia Power Udonge
Eirin.gif Mystia.gif Udonge.gif
Poison Water Sound Dark Illusion Poison
6.67% 6.67% 13.33%
Assist Eirin Power Mystia Speed Aya
Eirin.gif Mystia.gif Aya.gif
Poison Water Sound Wind Wind
13.33% 13.33% 13.33%

Level Range: (41~43)
Stray Puppet Encounters
Normal Medicine Normal Daiyousei Normal Udonge Normal Eirin
Medicine.gif Daiyousei.gif Udonge.gif Eirin.gif
Poison Nature Nature Illusion Poison Water
26.67% 18.33% 15.00% 15.00%
Speed Daiyousei Power Udonge Power Eirin
Daiyousei.gif Udonge.gif Eirin.gif
Nature Illusion Poison Poison Steel
8.33% 8.33% 8.33%


Trainer Puppets
Puppet Liberation Front Kuto
Defense Rumia (Lv.40), Power Letty (Lv.40)
Puppet Liberation Front Kukuri
Defense Eiki (Lv.40), Power Komachi (Lv.40)
Puppet Liberation Front Maruko
Power Wakasagi (Lv.41)
Puppet Liberation Front Nyaru
Power Sunny (Lv.41)
Puppet Liberation Front Akua
Speed Luna (Lv.40), Power Cirno (Lv.40)
Puppet Liberation Front Medicine
Power Alice (Lv.46), Assist Hina (Lv.46), Speed Mokou (Lv.46), Power Kokoro (Lv.46), Power Medicine (Lv.52)
Sweet Little Poison Medicine(After post game)
Speed Kogasa (Lv.85), Extra Raiko (Lv.85), Speed Yatsuhashi (Lv.85), Extra Kokoro (Lv.85), Extra Medicine (Lv.88) , Power Benben (Lv.85)


-Defense Medicine is programmed to appear as an encounter in this area for Shard of Dreams, but for some reason was given an Encounter Rate of 0%, so it is unable to be encountered.