Unused Abilities

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All of these abilities are programmed into the game and fully functional, but went unused in the final release of the game. Any ability listed in the code with "(Trial)" at the end are unimplemented and will have no effect even when applied to a Puppet, so they will not be listed here as they do absolutely nothing.

Spirit Abilities

Abilities that when the user in a pinch (1/3 or lower remaining HP), boosts damage of the listed type by 50%.

Ability Name Boosted Type
Burning Spirit Fire
Sprouting Spirit Nature
Desolate Spirit Earth
Rainbow Spirit Light
Venomous Spirit Poison
Vague Spirit Illusion
Corrupt Spirit Warped

Form Abilities

Abilities that turn Void type skills into the listed type, and boosts their damage by 30%, also stacks with STAB bonus if applicable.

Ability Name New Type
Hellfire Form Fire
Desolation Form Earth
Thunder Form Electric
Miasma Form Poison
General's Form Fighting
Imaginary Form Illusion
Recital Form Sound
Twisted Form Warped

"Bonus" Abilities

Apply a +40% damage boost to all moves of the listed type. Can be used to give a puppet a pseudo STAB boost, making it have an extra STAB option on top of its main ones, or can be stacked with a type the puppet already has to make that STAB do even more damage. Unlike the other Abilities listed above, there is one for every type except Dream; however only the Illusion type one was used in the final release.

Ability Name Boosted Type
Normal Bonus Void
Flame Bonus Fire
Aqua Bonus Water
Leaf Bonus Nature
Ground Bonus Earth
Metal Bonus Steel
Gust Bonus Wind
Spark Bonus Electric
Bright Bonus Light
Shade Bonus Dark
Soul Bonus Nether
Venom Bonus Poison
Aura Bonus Fighting
Music Bonus Sound
Twisted Bonus Warped

Other Abilities

Other Unused Abilities that went unused but don't fit into another category.

Sound Booster - When hit by a Sound-type skill SpAtk is raised.
Convergence - If you miss a skill, your accuracy increases.
Evasive - Skills you're immune to will increase your Sp.Def by one stage.