Yakumo Household

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Yakumo Household
Yakumo Household.png
Overworld Theme The Fantastic Legend of Tohno
Wild Battle Theme Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect
Map Connections North: Netplay Hub
The player standing outside the Netplay Hub

The Yakumo Household is a postgame area that can only be accessed with the use of the Gap Map. The primary function of this area is to serve as the networking hub for players to battle other players who are also playing the game. However, the only way to unlock netplay is to first beat Yukari in her house.


Puppet Level Encounter Ratio
Speed Chen Lv.69 - Lv.71 53.33%
Power Ran Lv.69 - Lv.71 23.33%
Defense Yukari Lv.69 - Lv.71 23.33%


Name Japanese Name Location
Skirmisher Charm 散兵の符 Outside - Item 1