Sanzu River

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Location Overview Maps Items
  • SoD exclusive
Sanzu River
Overworld Theme Higan Retour ~ Riverside View
Wild Battle Theme The Sealed-Away Youkai ~ Lost Place
Map Connections North: Road of Liminality
Hut: Kaian Passageway

A mist-shrouded river that dead souls must cross in order to reach Higan, where they will await judgment.

Event Overview

Once the player has donated to every Jizo in Gensokyo Komachi will appear in her ferry. When spoken to, Komachi will tell the player the Sanzu River is no player for a human and ask why they are there. She explains that while her job as a shinigami means ferrying the dead, she doesn't mind taking you for a ride(challenging you to a fight). After losing, Komachi comments on how surprisingly strong the player was and that she expected to win easily. At this moment Eiki will shout at Komachi for slacking off and runs over. Eiki tells Komachi she needs to ferry the spirits across or bad things will happen. Eiki then turns to the player and asks why there is a human at the river. After looking the player over, Eiki realizes the player is the one that had gone around donating to the Jizo statues and rewards the player with a Gold Talisman and a Silver Talisman before leaving.

The Jizos

In order to spawn Komachi the player must donate a offering to every Jizo statue. The locations are:

Screenshot Area Location
JRoute1.png Route 1 Right side of the map near Hakurei Shrine.
JRoute2.png Route 2 Right branch of Route 2 by the stairs.
JRoute3.png Route 3 On the side of the road by the Human Village.
JRoute4.png Route 4 Left of the rest hut.
JRoute5.png Route 5 Near the bushes you can cut.
JRoute6.png Route 6 Right at the start of the route.
JRoute 7.png Route 7 On the side of the road before the U turn.
JRoute 8.png Route 8 Next to a log on the right side of Route 8.
RoLJ.png Road of Liminality Along the market stall road.
KasenJ.png Kasen's House By the trees on the right.


Level Range: (26~28)
Stray Puppet Encounters
Normal Mima Normal Komachi Normal Eiki Normal Rin
Mima.gif Komachi.gif Eiki.gif Rin.gif
Nether Water Nether Light Fighting Fire
8.33% 66.66% 16.66% 8.33%


Trainer Puppets
Shinigami Komachi
Speed Meiling (Lv.65), Power Suika (Lv.65), Extra Komachi (Lv.65)

Shinigami Komachi
Speed Meiling
Lv. 65
Power Suika
Lv. 65
Extra Komachi
Lv. 65
Type 1 Fighting Type 1 Fighting Type 1 Water
Type 2 None Type 2 Earth Type 2 Warped
Ability Healing Power Ability Drunkard Ability Flat Speed
Held Item Choice Belt Held Item Choice Ring Held Item Choice Belt
Skills Skills Skills
Changeling Shooting Press Thunderlord's Scorn Vacuum Rupture Wind Wave Sharp Wind
Life Burst Detonation Burst Shooting Press Heavenly Ascent Geyser Impulse