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Work in Progress


  • Statistic
    • Explains how stat calculation for EVs and IVs work, as well as info on how stat modifiers are calculated
  • Puppet Status
    • List of all Status Effects in the game, and what they do.
  • Money and EXP Farming Guide
    • Beat the game and want to farm Money and/or EXP to do some Netplay? Follow this guide here to do it in the most efficient way possible. For Post game only, if you haven't beat the game, just grind highest level wild puppets you can find and fight puppeteers you previously skipped.
  • List of puppets by location
    • List of all encounters on each route for all locations in game on one page so you can ctrl+f or "Find on Page" for a puppet you are looking for
  • Skill Cards
    • Locations of where to find all Skill Cards in the game.


Base Game and Shard of Dreams

  • Save Editor (Standard)
    • Allows you to edit movesets, level, and hold items of puppets in your party and puppet box, as well as edit your bag and trainer data like ID, name, gender, and fav character.
  • Netplay Save Generator
    • Lose your post-game save, or don't care to beat the game and just want to go straight to netplay? You can use this tool to generate a save with 5 of each puppet at Level 100, and Normal Style, 1 with each of the 5 Marks (Natures).


Shard of Dreams only

  • Modding Tools
    • Tools that let you mod the game, like puppet data, trainer data, and map editing, among other fun things.
  • Mod Patcher Tool (link above)
    • used to apply the patches made with the Modding tool listed above to your game, be sure to backup saves and game files before applying them, as removing the patch otherwise requires a full reinstall of the game
    • Download is on same page as above, download ""
  • Save Editor (Mod)
    • A Save editor designed specifically for use on modded versions of the games, as the original isn't compatible with mod puppets or items, as it was made long before modding was possible. Currently lacks the bag and trainer card editing features the original has, but may have it added in the future.